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Please bear with me as I'm late getting June's information onto the website! New to the job!

Hannah’s Ordination as Priest

Last year some of us went to Lichfield Cathedral to witness Hannah’s ordination as Deacon.  She is to be made Priest in the Church of God on Saturday evening, 23rd June in St Giles’ Church in Shrewsbury.       God bless you Hannah!


Have you found a leaflet in your church about this day out on Thursday 28th June?  Book your place with Diana Barnett on 01939 291052.

In the News 

Bishop Mark has been in Shrewsbury since October 2009, and his ministry has been widely appreciated in a variety of ways.  His desire to encourage all Christians to take their place in the front line of witness to God’s love has led him to run days to inspire such a vision in others.  And he has been a much-valued part of the diocesan cricket team, where he will be missed.  His wife, Mandy, was a great help to our parishes during the interregnum a few years ago.  Their farewell service is to be in Shrewsbury on Tuesday 17th July.

Prayer Shawls

If anyone needs a knitting project, we could do with a few more prayer shawls.  Ask Mary-Lou (01743 851375) or Joyce Jagger (01743 2365170) for details.