Our services

5th Sunday Services                                                    Readings

26th November – Christ The King - The Sunday next before Advent

Bicton              11.00 am           Morning Prayer                                      Hebrews 12.18-24

Bomere Heath    9.00 am           Holy Communion                                   Matthew 21.12-16

Leaton              10.45 am           Family Service

Montford            9.30 am           Holy Communion

Shrawardine      11.00 am           Holy Communion

3rd December - 1st Sunday of Advent

Albrighton        9.15 am  Holy Communion                       Isaiah 64.1-9

Bicton            11.00 am  Holy Communion                       Mark 13.24-37

Bomere Heath  9.00 am  Morning Prayer                         

Fitz                  9.30 am  Holy Communion

Leaton           10.45 am  Holy Communion

Montford       11.00 am  Morning Prayer

Shrawardine     9.30 am  Matins

10th December - 2nd Sunday of Advent

Bicton            11.00 am  Family Service           CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Bomere Heath  9.00 am  Holy Communion                       Mark 1.1-8

                       3.00 pm Blue Christmas Service

Fitz                  9.30 am  Matins                              CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER       

Leaton           10.45 am  Matins                             CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Montford         9.30 am  Holy Communion          CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Shrawardine   11.00 am  Holy Communion        CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER  

17th December - 3rd Sunday of Advent

Albrighton        9.15 am  Morning worship with carols   Isaiah 61.1-4, 8-11

Bicton             6.30 pm Carol Service                           John 1.6-8, 19-28

Bomere Heath  9.00 am  Morning Prayer

Fitz                  9.30 am  Holy Communion               

Leaton             6.30 pm Ecumenical Carol Service          for Carol Services

Montford         4.00 pm Carol Service

Shrawardine     7.00 pm Carol Service

Friday 22nd December

Fitz                 6.30 pm Carol Service

24th December - 4th Sunday of Advent - Christmas Eve

Bicton             4.00 pm Crib Service

                       9.00 pm Christmas Communion               Romans 16.25-27

Bomere Heath  9.00 am Holy Communion                       Luke 1.26-38

Leaton             4.00 pm Crib Service                             

Leaton           11.30 pm Midnight Communion                

Montford         5.30 pm Christmas Communion and Nativity                   

25th December - Christmas Day

Albrighton        9.30 am  Christmas Communion               As above

Bomere Heath     10.30 am  Christmas Communion

Fitz                10.30 am  Christmas Communion

Shrawardine     9.00 am  Christmas Communion

31st December - 1st Sunday of Christmas                    Galatians 4.4-7

Leaton           10.30 am United  Eucharist                     Luke 2.15-21