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Sunday 2nd December 20189:00amMorning Prayer at Bomere Heath
9:15amEucharist at Albrighton
9:30amMatins at Shrawardine
9:30amEucharist at Fitz
10:45amEucharist at Leaton
11:00amMorning Prayer at Montford
11:00amEucharist at Bicton
Sunday 9th December 20189:00amEucharist at Bomere Heath
9:30amMatins at Fitz
9:30amEucharist at Montford
10:45amMatins at Leaton
11:00amEucharist at Shrawardine
11:00amMorning Worship at Bicton
Sunday 16th December 20189:00amMorning Prayer at Bomere Heath
9:15amMorning Worship at Albrighton with carols
9:30amMorning Worship at Shrawardine
10:45amEucharist at Leaton
4:00pmCarol Service at Montford
6:30pmCarol Service at Fitz
6:30pmCarol Service at Bicton
Sunday 23rd December 20189:00amEucharist at Bomere Heath
10:45amMorning Worship at Leaton
7:00pmCarol Service at Shrawardine
Monday 24th December 20184:00pmCrib Service at Bicton
4:00pmCrib Service at Leaton
5:00pmChristmas Candlelit Family Carols and Communion at Montford
Please bring a torch; children welcome to come along in Nativity costume
9:00pmChristmas Communion at Bicton
11:30pmFirst Communion of Christmas at Leaton
Tuesday 25th December 2018 Christmas Day
9:00amHoly Communion at Shrawardine
9:30amHoly Communion at Albrighton
10:30amHoly Communion at Bomere Heath
10:30amHoly Communion at Fitz
Sunday 30th December 201810:30amUnited Service at Montford
Monday 31st December 2018 New Years Eve
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