Mission Church Bomere Heath


The Parish of Leaton has a population in the region of 2000 and has centres of worship in the Parish Church of Holy Trinity and in the Mission Church in the village of Bomere Heath, which is the main centre of population. 

The churches work closely with the Methodist and Presbyterian chapels in Bomere Heath. 

The worship offered at the Mission church each Sunday alternates between Eucharistic and Morning Prayer.

A Concert of Christmas Music

The Phoenix Singers of Shrewsbury come to Leaton Church for this celebration in music and readings.  It is on Thursday 7th December at 8.00 pm.  Refreshments follow.  Tickets are £5.00 from Pat Hall (01939 290637) or Robert Parsons.

Blue Christmas?

From the middle of November, shops, media and advertising try to convince us that Christmas is magical, full of joy and fulfilment.  Cares are banished and laughing children reinforce the message that sadness and anxiety have no place in the festivities. 

But what if we’re feeling blue, bereaved, lost and sad?  What if we would just like to draw close to the heart of Christmas, in quietness?

New for 2017:  Blue Christmas Service
Sunday 10th December at 3.00 pm
The Mission Church, Bomere Heath

Readings, candles, some quiet and gentle carols, not too long.
Sacred space in all the hurly burly.

You are invited . . .

Nativity Walk

Monday 18th December in Bomere Heath.  This year the walk takes a different direction.  We start at the Presbyterian Church at 4.15 pm and finish at the Village Hall.  People of all ages enjoy this annual preparation for Christmas, walking in heart and mind to Bethlehem with Mary, Joseph, and a real donkey, who is also called Joseph.


Churchwarden:  Ian Hall                        01939 290637

Welcoming newcomers

For a number of years people who move into the Bomere Heath area have been greeted with a gift of bread and wine from Leaton parish.  David Fletcher does this ministry, and you could help by letting him know of people moving in.  Ring 01939 290455.

Morning Prayer

On Mondays (not Bank holidays), Tuesdays and Thursdays a simple service of Morning Prayer is held at 8.30 am in the Mission Church at Bomere Heath, lasting about half an hour.  You are welcome to join this quiet occasion of time with God at the start of the day.

Little Church

This has been a happy activity for little people for nearly five years.  Recently, however, there has been no congregation!  So it is being put into cold storage for the time being.  Let’s see what happens in the future.